KRAFTLii LIST - ADULT ACNE : causes and tips to help yourself with it

When we think about acne we always think about puberty and teenage problem - 8 in 10 youngsters experience it.

But sometimes it is not just matter of age. 

According to the American Academy of Dermatology about the 15% of women still have to win this battle. 

The adult acne is different from the teen one, it is usually on the lower half of the face - while teen acne is typically on the upper half. Not only, adult acne is often deeper, remaining under the skin and appearing as a cyst. 

So many factors can cause acne. From hormones problem, to bacteria, to stress or even food intolerances- so we always recommend to consult your jp/dermatologist to find the cause.

But there are also some "everyday mistakes" that can cause or worsen this problem,

and today we want to share our list with you!


  • Do not recognise our skin type.

Wether you have dry or oily skin, this tries to produce more sebum in order to find its balance. It is important to understand what type of skin you have and using the right cream and soap. 

  • Heavy make up, face cream or sunscreen.

In all these cases you may have closed pores. Your face won’t breath and your sebum remains under the skin (cysts and black points). Opt for light make up and cream labeled “non-comedogenic” or “not clog pores”.

  • Trying too much.

You want to get rid of this problem and you are trying hard washing your face several times a day, scrubbing your face too much, changing acne treatments every week. Well, you’re just making worse, irritating your skin and leading to more breakouts. Use a treatment for at least 6 to 8 weeks before switching to a new one, scrub your face just once or twice a week and wash it properly just in the morning and before bed time. 

  • Sleeping in your make up or having a wrong washing routine.

Sometimes the problem isn’t only the products, but also how you remove the makeup. Those days when you feel too tired to remove make up and you just think it’s ok sleeping in it. Or those amazing makeup removers that you feel you don’t need to rinse out. These are all bad habits that clog pores trapping acne-causing bacteria and triggering breakouts. 

  • Dirty make up applicators ( pad and brush) or towels.

Try to keep your applicators clean, washing them at least once per week. Change often your face towel, and make sure your personal stuff is only used by yourself. 

  • Dirty items touching your face, such as hands (and mobiles!)

We all know the importance of washing and disinfect our hands, especially in this period. But also other stuff get in contact with our face several times a day, such as mobiles. They are in our bags, in our hands, on tables and other surfaces, being constantly exposed to bacteria. Every time we talk on the phone, we put this bacteria on our face. Plus, the friction with our face just make the situation get worse. Try to use speaker, headphones and don’t overuse your phone! 


Any of these bad habits you need to break? Hopefully with a dedicate skincare routine and some of KRAFTLii tips you can make this unwanted guest go away! 

We all deserve a natural beauty skin.

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