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NATURAL BATH SALTS - Refill pouch 350gr

NATURAL BATH SALTS - Refill pouch 350gr

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When bath salts are never enough, it's time to get a big refill pouch!

These 350gr pouch are made with the same ingredients of our iconic bath salts jar. Only the are soooo much bigger! ūüíö

Keep it in your drawer and refill our lovely jar over and over again!

KRAFTLii natural bath salts are made of beneficial mineral salts, organic dried flowers, natural healing herbs and natural essential oils, specifically mixed and formulated together for different purposes.

Choose your favourite between: 

 - MIND RELAX BATH SALT - Himalayan Pink Salt, Chamomile & Lavender

Detoxifying organic pink salt, relaxing therapy of lavender and healing properties of essential oil mix for a calm effect on skin, mind and body. 

- LOVELY SKIN BATH SALTS - Calendula, Matcha & Peppermint

An organic trio perfect for eczema, redness, itchy and irritated skin. It stimulates circulation, soothes and hydrates dry skin.  

- POST WORKOUT BATH SALTS - Magnesium Salt, Banana & Orange 

Organic banana powder for magnesium and potassium, organic ginger for soothing sore pain, and organic orange essential oil to get your vitamins and  energy back. The recovery you deserve after a long work day.


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