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NATURAL BATH SOAKS - RELAXING with Chamomile, Lavender & Rose

NATURAL BATH SOAKS - RELAXING with Chamomile, Lavender & Rose

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KRAFTLii natural bath soaks are made of beneficial mineral salts, organic dried flowers, natural healing herbs and natural essential oils, specifically mixed and formulated together for different purposes.


120 ML

DESCRIPTION : Calm your senses thanks to Chamomile properties, relax your mind with Lavenders flowers and feel like being in a Spa enjoying the beautiful mix of flowery essential oils.

INGREDIENTS : Himalayan pink salt, organic strawberry epsom salt, dead sea salt, organic chamomile dried flowers,organic rose dried petals, organic lavender dried flowers,organic black tea leaves, wildcrafted mistletoe herb, kraftlii soap flakes, essential oils mix ( lavender, orange, sandalwood, jasmine, ylang ylang, patchouli), organic beetroot powder.  

HOW TO: Pour 4 scoops of salts in the cotton bag - Infuse the bag in the water - No need to clean your tub after - Enjoy! 


ZERO WASTE RECYCLING POLICY : if you are a Northern Beaches resident you can return the jar in order to have a 1$ discount on your next purchase!  


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