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SELF CARE FOR HIM - Shaving kit, brush and foaming soap

SELF CARE FOR HIM - Shaving kit, brush and foaming soap

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- NATURAL FOAMING SHAVE SOAP BAR - Castor, Coconut & Pine - 80gr

The natural shaving bar has been formulated for creating a rich and long stable foam simply swirling your brush on it. Soft and nourish on the skin, finished with a fresh hearty scent and a little note from your beloved ones. *

- CRUELTY FREE SHAVING BRUSH -  Natural wood handle, recycled nylon bristle. 

Opting for a cruelty free brush is a relief for our little furry ones. And also good for yourself! Nylon bristle last longer than the animal one and they are allergy free, keeping your skin safe. As for the environment, still a good way to recycle nylon wastage. 

 *Choosing natural and solid products you are reducing waste and avoiding synthetics that are dangerous for you and for the environment. Plus you will save money as they last much longer than liquid or spray products. A win win for our planet and your pocket!

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*For ingredients check our foaming soap bar on the website.



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